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In Salgado Dental Institute we offer our patients dental treatments with conscious sedation. Conscious dental sedation consists of taking the patient to a controlled, depressed state of consciousness while at the same time maintaining ventilatory protective reflexes intact.

All our specialized dentists work with this innovative technique of dental sedation that facilitates the treatment of dental implants, especially for both the patients and the dentists.

It also preserves the ability of the patient to respond to verbal stimuli of the dentist and can collaborate whenever the dental treatment requires it.

It also produces a certain amnesia so the patient will not remember what happened during the dental procedure.

In salgado dental institute we have a team of anesthesiologists coordinated by Dr. Jaime Masot Perez Assistant of the Anesthesia and Resuscitation Service of the University Hospital of San Juan – Alicante.

The conscious sedation in our clinic arises from the need of dentistry to give comfort to the patient as the new dental treatments are increasingly more complex and take longer (such as dental implants).

Objectives that an ideal conscious sedation must fulfill are:

– Efficiently reduce nervous tension and anxiety.

– Contribute to analgesia either by acting on the local anesthetics used or by including further analgesics during the period of conscious sedation.

– Minimize or suppress unwanted movements that hinder dental treatment.

– Cause a certain degree of amnesia from the procedures and previous moments.

– The drugs used have a rapid metabolism with minimal side effects or residuals.

– At Clínica Salgado we look for the most acceptable balance between pain management and the risks of a sedation method iin order to obtain the maximum benefit for the patient and the dental treatment you intend to perform.



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