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Dental Aesthetics

In our consultations we do not only perform dental rehabilitation with implants, the aesthetic rehabilitation of natural teeth using ceramic crowns is also an important part of our clinical work.


These prostheses often have a metal skeleton that will eventually be covered with porcelain, which is why it is called metal-ceramic.
It has enormous advantages: resistance, durability and aesthetics that make it a very stable prosthesis.

These prostheses are designed to last more than ten years.


In this case the metallic structures and crowns are replaced by zirconium, which, being white and having translucency, allows us to obtain a natural and aesthetic result. Incomparable with respect to the original metallic prosthesis, also having a total biocompatibility.


Is the process used to treat teeth for aesthetic purposes, eliminating the effect of stains or colorations of extrinsic or intrinsic origin.

Teeth whitening is currently one of the most requested dental procedures and increasingly considered part of the usual routine of care and beauty. Teeth whitening has become a mandatory requirement for those who want to show off a beautiful and really radiant smile.

The teeth can have an infinite variety of colors for different reasons, but basically the color of the teeth is determined genetically (that is, we are born with a certain color), which means that the color of the teeth is an innate characteristic like the color of the skin.

The color is given by the set of structures that constitute the teeth encased in the enamel which thickness, and quality, define the color.

The color changes can be by:
Stains inside the tooth
Stains by tetracycline
Stains by fluorine

– Primarily stains are caused by:
Tannins for tea, coffee, wine, nicotine, food coloring, etc.


It is important that the patient takes into account that excessively white teeth lose aesthetics because the natural color of the teeth is not white especially in adults, and it is very important that their teeth whitening treatment be strictly supervised by the professional as to determine the point where the whitening treatments has reached the point of saturation. The teeth’s enamel can crack and loss of tooth enamel which will cause micro porosity of the tooth. This has harmful consequences for the tooth.

The stability of the treatment depends on the care that the patient has during the treatment and after this, it is important to avoid the consumption of citrus fruits, dark drinks such as cola drinks, coffee, tea, chocolate, cigarette consumption, tobaccos, for women It is important not to use shades of dark lipstick that may come in contact with the tooth.

These are a lot of different treatments and products out there but the most important thing is that you go to a professional with enough training, who can guide and advise you properly to avoid unpleasant consequences that can occur with this type of aesthetic treatments.
At Salgado Dental Institute we use the latest techniques in whitening to obtain the best results avoiding any harmful effect on your teeth.



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